Dad, Gucci slippers & statement earrings...

Father’s Day is upon us.

For me, it is filled with both tears and love. I celebrate my husband, who is the father of my three children and I also honor my father, who is no longer here on Earth.

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with jewelry?

Without my father’s unwavering belief that I could be whatever I wanted, this fairy tale world of Unhada probably wouldn’t exist.

My father instilled a drive in me as a little girl that still exists to this day. My father, like me, was a dreamer. He taught me that anything was possible. And this belief made many things in his own life come to fruition.

When it came time to start my own dream of owning a fine jewelry company, he was fully behind me. He never laughed at or had reservations about my dreams, but instead supported them. This solid foundation of belief is what built this little dream of Unhada that has existed for two decades.

My father liked the finer things in life: nice hotels, Gucci fur slippers, large statement pieces of jewelry. Whenever I would show him new works I had finished, he’d always comment that the daintier pieces felt useless and were not for him. And while I still make these daintier pieces, oddly enough, it is my statement pieces that both attract my collectors and sell best.

While there are minimalists out in the world, and magic comes in all sizes, the magic I make is meant to transport us to unique realms, making us feel, as my father did, that anything is possible, that we all have a strong but silent power within, and that magic exists all around us. The jewelry of Unhada serves as a portal to these worlds.

Unhada Manifest statement earrings - 18k, sapphire, opal, pearl, tourmaline, tanzanite, aquamarine

Pictured above, the Manifest Earrings from the Rails series, meant to serve as a journey to a heavenly place that elevates both our eyes and our senses... to make us believe, like my father did, that we can do anything we dream of.

Featured below are some of my favorite statement earrings as an homage to my father, including:
Unhada Cixi Statement earrings in Lavender Jade with pink sapphires (.32 cts), pink spinel (.77 cts), faceted moonstones and diamonds (.24 cts). Inspired by the Qin Dynasty and its powerful Empress Cixi. Unhada Baroque Magic Statement Earrings - South Sea baroque pearls, opals, alexandrite, faceted moonstones, color-change garnets, and diamonds(.16 cts). 18k. One of a kind Unhada Ba Li Statement Earrings - Ba Li Earrings features over 65 carats of fossilized coral from Bali, with opal (.45 cts) and moonstone accents (surrounded by hand-carved yellow gold leaves with (.44 cts) of diamonds. Rose-cut labradorites (1.68 cts) adorn the studs. Post backing. 18k gold
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