Unhada jewelry layered necklaces -Chantal in 18k yellow gold with tanzanite, opal, emerald. Tsavorite, gold bow necklace with pearls and opals. Pavé diamond believe nameplate necklace with bows.Caring for UNHADA Jewelry

To prevent your metals, gemstones and pearls from scratching and tarnishing, keep your jewelry in individual boxes or soft pouches and store these in a cool, dry place.

As most metals will see surface damage when in contact with chlorinated water, it is best to remove all jewelers when in the swimming pool.

Try to keep your metal and gemstones away from chemicals, and avoid contact with perfume, lotions, perfumed creams and hair products.

Avoid contact with soap, as it can give gold jewelry a dull appearance. This can be rectified by gentle polishing with a specialist jewelers cleaner and jewelry polishing soft cloth.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, your jewelry may need cleaning over time. We recommend washing up liquid, or mild detergents such as specialist jewelry cleaners, and use of a very soft toothbrush to go over the surface of your jewels under lukewarm water. Don’t leave your enamel jewelry submerged in water for any length of time.

For deeper cleaning, you can take your jewelry to an independent  jeweler. The Ultrasonic fluid should not go over 40 degrees.

Caring for Enamel 

Enamel does not respond to wearing daily in salt or chlorinated water, and as with all other jewelry keep well away from chemicals, including but not limited to medical creams and domestic cleaning products, and avoid contact with perfume, perfumed creams and hairspray.

We will repair your enamel for free if there is clearly a fault in the manufacturing. If the damage is the result of heavy wear, we are happy to repair it for you for a small charge.

Caring your jewelry will help protect its magic!