The Marvel Necklace features a seaman’s knot. It symbolizes an unbreakable bond – between mother and child, and between women everywhere, united, despite different experiences.  Handcrafted in sterling silver and accented with aquamarines.

Happy May

Happy May and Happy Birthday Month to all my fellow May babies & Geminis!

There's so much excitement buzzing around in the world of Unhada lately! Can you believe it's been 20 years since we began this journey? 🎉 It feels like just yesterday, and yet, here we are, still going strong and creating magic.

To mark this incredible milestone, I'm thrilled to introduce Unhada's first-ever all-silver piece – the Marvel Necklace! It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a powerful symbol of resilience, empowerment, and unity. ✨ Featuring a seaman’s knot, it represents an unbreakable bond – between mother and child, and among women worldwide, united despite diverse experiences.

Crafted in collaboration with the remarkable foundation Turquoise Mountain, this limited-edition necklace holds even deeper significance. Turquoise Mountain, founded in 2006 by His Majesty King Charles III, aims to revive traditional crafts and provide jobs and skills in regions like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and the Levant. Projects like our Marvel Necklace empower women and families in challenging environments, making a tangible difference in their lives.

My passion for supporting women's rights, began with Afghanistan around 2000 when I first learned about the struggles they face. While progress has been made, many barriers remain, including restrictions on girls' education. Turquoise Mountain works tirelessly to overcome these obstacles, making education more accessible. That's why I felt compelled to create a piece that honors women and mothers everywhere.

As a mother of three children myself, I understand the joys and challenges of motherhood. Each of us has our own set of values we want to instill in our children. For me, it starts with kindness and understanding we are one human in a world of many. I believe there's magic all around us and within us, and jewelry, with its emotional power, embodies this belief.

What's even more fulfilling is knowing that every purchase of the Marvel Necklace directly supports the craftspeople involved. I'm immensely proud that this piece will not only bring joy to its wearer but also contribute to creating better opportunities for women who deserve it.

I recently met a woman who has worn a ring for 15 years without ever taking it off, despite some missing diamonds. Her children wanted to surprise her by fixing it for Mother's Day, but since she never removes it, they couldn't. I hope that Unhada’s Marvel Necklace can hold a similar significance for someone special out there.

You can now purchase the limited-edition Marvel Necklace on our brand-new website -, along with more exquisite Mother's Day jewelry!

To all the incredible moms out there, I wish you a magical Mother’s Day!!! May you receive something that reminds you of your immeasurable worth and makes you feel extraordinary every time you wear it.

Stay tuned for more magic in store!

Xo Jocelyn

P.S. – In case you missed it, Unhada was recently featured in JCK Magazine; check out the lovely feature written by Amy Elliott here.

The Selene diamond moon necklace is aptly named after the Greek goddess and features a sterling silver pending encrusted with .34 cts of diamonds, complemented by blue sapphires and faceted rainbow moonstones. Adding to its elegance, a single pear-cut labradorite rests in the center of the crescent, suspended from an 18k yellow gold chain.


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